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The skipper of ” Haki” is very satisfied.

The skipper of ” Haki”, Ólavur, confirms that he is very satisfied with the ”Super Shark” doors from Vágur. The following are his own words:

“We have been fishing on both sides of Cape Farewell for one and a half months and the catch is 700 t cod and 38 t  of big haddock.
We have been fishing in an area with very rough sea bed, but the doors have worked very well; their positioning has been tremendously good, and the wear and tear is mostly at the middle of the doors. I am fully convinced that these 8,5 sqm doors are the the right doors for our trawl.

The ice have been a nuisance, and because of it we haven´t been able to fish for almost 10 days. Bearing that in mind the fishing has been quite good”