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MS Skálafossur

Vestmanna 10/07-2007


At first we can say, that M/S Skálafossur has used trawldoors from both
Injector Trawldoors and ROCK-Trawldoors, respectively SHARK and ROCK
TRAWLDOORS . Size 3,5 square metres.

The result of comparing the trawldoors is mainly, that the running through the sea not can be compared at all. Rock trawl- doors are much more settled and stabile than the Shark doors.

Furthermore it appears, that the Rock trawldoors are stabile and are not
disturbed of small portions, comparing to Shark doors, which are working to much in these conditions.

Rock trawldoors are also weard out plainly all over the keel compared to
the Shark doors, which mainly are weard out in the back.

Great difference is between Rock trawldoors and usual Shark in low water.
With Rock trawldoors you can give out as much wire you want to, and the doors are nevertheless going straight. This could not be done using the usual Shark doors. Furthermore the Rock Trawldoors are much stronger constructed than Shark doors.


M/S Skálafossur

Bjarni D. Jacobsen