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Sundaberg 18.06.2007

Good day Hans! 

Here are the differences, that I have observed between Shark contra Rock trawldoors:

1. Rock Trawldoors are getting much better from the board. (to shoot out)

2. Rock Trawldoors are standing precisely on the bottom, where the usual Shark door were going backwards (the back of the doore is taking, and not the middle.)

3. In spite of, that these doors are 280 kg more heavy than the Shark doors, we had before, they are more easily going through the sea.

My opinion taken between two sets of doors, both 12 squaremeters, and the Shark wight is 4600 kg and the Rock Trawldoors weigth is 4880 kg.

At last we can say, that we have used the doors in 2 months, and we have been fishing Greenland halibut in East Greenland and cod in the Barents sea and my personal opinion is, that this new doors are at least as good.

John FuglÝ.