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M/S Enniberg:

Enniberg 18/06-2007

We got the new doors from Rock in january, started fishing 28. januar and sailed home 26. march with 772 ton Codfillet´s . There were ships, that started before we started, but didn´t come home before one month later with less fish. Unanimously all said, that our doors fished better, and now all the faroese trawlers are using Doors from Rock, according the greater part of the norwegian fleet.

The question is why, and the answer is short and straight: the doors are
squaring better, going better on the ground, are more stabile and most of all are fishing better. Obviousely nobody is scrapping doors, if he is not quite sure of getting something better.

This new construction with two bulkheads parallell with the main bulkhead, where the trawlwire is fastened, has the result, that the doors are more stabile and has better distance. The old model could be used in 1½ -2½ years, without shifting the front shoes. In the new one all the keel is standing on the bottom and all the shoes are weard exactly alike.

The doors are at all much better.


Sonny Johannesen