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Statement about our Sea Lion.

Sęll Petur. Jį žaš gengur fķnt hjį okkur. Viš höfu fengiš upp ķ ?? t į dag en žaš er nś aušvitaš ekki alla daga. Stundum er vont vešur og svona. Ég er sérstaklega įnęgšur meš hlerana, žeir virka ...


From Vesturvón.

“ We still use the Super Shark trawldoors, produced by Rock Trawldoors back in juni 2007. They have been of exceptional quality and stability, and we have during this period fished and produced ...


The skipper of ” Haki” is very satisfied.

The skipper of ” Haki”, Ólavur, confirms that he is very satisfied with the ”Super Shark” doors from Vįgur. The following are his own words:“We have been fishing on both sides of Cape Farewell for ...


The capten on Egundebar is very pleased.

From : EgunabarT Hans J. JoensenSuper Shark doorsHans you do it the doors works very very well.easy to tow withbig power to open. Very nice door Im very happyWe finish the first campaing.steaming ...


MS Skįlafossur

  Vestmanna 10/07-2007   At first we can say, that M/S Skįlafossur has used trawldoors from bothInjector Trawldoors and ROCK-Trawldoors, respectively SHARK and ROCKTRAWLDOORS . Size ...


The skipper on Havborg is very satisfied

  The big schrimptrawler “ Havborg” made a very good trip in East-Greenland, and Eirikur Magnussen told us the Super-Shark was fantastic to handle. The doors were going very good over the ...

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