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Um felagi­ SP/F Rock

SP/F Rock var­ stovna­ 1. oktober 2004.





Soley Sigurjˇns GK 200 (15-12-2017)

Soley Sigurjóns GK 200, Super Shark 5,7 m².2262 Sóley Sigurjóns GK-200Vessel´s DetailsShip Type: TrawlerYear Built: 1987Home Port: GardurBuilder: J.K. Skibsbyggeri ...



Rock is the leading trawl-door manufacturer in the Faroe Islands.

Our innovative designs led the way in a field of activity increasingly focused on oil savings and efficient equipment.

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Finnur FrÝ­i

One of the leading newspapers in the Faroe Islands, "Sosialurin", brought a long interview with Sonny Johan-nesen, the captain of the large factory-trawler "Enniberg". We quote some of his interview: "These are the best trawldoors I have ever used" ľ "The are easy and light in use" ľ "They quickly make a bog gap in the trawl and therefore make the trawl fishing-efficient at once" ľ Easier to pull than other trawldoors". Later this same year, "Finnur FrÝ­i" tested Sea Bat with even better results.